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Showing at The Interantional American Toy Fair: Tangible, Touchable Semantic Technology


The coolest thing at the 109th International American Toy Fair in New York City this week might have been the Lazer Tag Blaster or the World of Warcraft version of Monopoly. Or, for semantic tech aficionados, it would have been Uma’s semantic Skin  read more...



First Semantic Touch Wall in North America

Uma information technology has installed the first semantic multitouch wall in North America at the 109th American International Toy Fair, owned and operated by the Toy Industry Association, running from Feb. 12-15 in New York. read more...


Interactive Touch Screen Displays Come of Age


Interactive displays also are becoming increasingly prominent in the digital signage and professional segments, with flat-panel displays being more common in these types of applications. (...) MultiTouch and uma were other companies at InfoComm, presenting their Skin multitouch environment. weiter...


SportScheck testet Display-Prototypen


SportScheck setzt laut uma, Anbieter semantischer Webtechnologien (invidis berichtete), als erster Einzelhändler ein semantisches Display ein. Getestet werden soll es in verschiedenen Filialen.



uma Creates Semantic Display System for German Sports Retailer SportScheck


uma, the innovation leader in semantic web technology, recently announced that it has developed a semantic web engine for leading German retailer SportScheck that enables the company’s employees to leverage real-time information on products and customer profiles that leverages the combined know-how of the entire company. uma also announced that it will build a prototype of a semantic display system for SportScheck.



Erfolgreiche Finanzierungsrunde – uma setzt auf Digital Signage


Die Wiener uma information technology GmbH – ein Anbieter von semantischer Web Technolgie – hat soeben eine weitere Finanzierungsrunde erfolgreich abgeschlossen um aktiv in den Digital Signage Markt einzusteigen.



Shipments Boom for Touch Screens in Professional and Signage Markets


One example of large touch screen signage and professional displays making its way into everyday life will come during this week’s 2011 Society for Information Displays (SID) conference. UMA Information Technologies GmbH is unveiling its Skin multitouch environment with person tracking and semantic content streams.



uma Raises $1.1 Million For Semantic Web Technology

uma recently introduced a semantic display product, called uma SKIN, for digital content producers, including corporations, retailers, and brands.