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uma and picturesafe announce partnership

The uma SKIN™ Display at the picturesafe Booth at dmexco 2011

Presents Tactile Interactive Digital Signage System


Dmexco 2011, Hall 7/D021




VIENNA, AUSTRIA/HAMBURG, GERMANY – uma GmbH, the leading innovator in semantic web technology, and picturesafe GmbH, a full-service provider of digital asset management solutions, content categorization and metadata creation, today announced a partnership to jointly develop and market their solutions to the media industry, particularly marketing professionals.  


uma will integrate picturesafe’s dio:content into its SKIN (Semantic Knowledge Information Network) product, a modular multitouch display solution that combines uma’s semantic content curation engine and picturesafes unique Digital Asset Management Solution and content categorizer. The new application provides real-time information based on suggested topics or key words. Like an organism’s skin, the uma SKIN product provides a display that can be touched and manipulated to generate response in the form of information. picturesafe will enhance its dio:content solution with uma’s Melvil semantic web engine, enabling customers in the publishing, broadcast and web content industries to realize accelerated searches and content display.


uma SKIN will be installed in the picturesafe booth at dmexco, the leading global digital marketing conference and exposition, in Cologne this week, in Hall 7, booth D021.


uma and picturesafe envision a complete product portfolio from which the companies will deliver solutions for the entire media content lifecycle: content services, where a joint uma-picturesafe team provides qualitative checks on semantic results to manually improve the quality of such results for fresher content delivery; semantic search, involving picturesafe’s renowned taxonomy and ontology technologies with uma’s expert natural-language processing, and support for emerging devices, including tablets and multitouch displays. The companies will share resources between the picturesafe headquarters in Hannover and Hamburg, Germany, and the uma headquarters in Vienna, Austria.


The uma SKIN installation will provide a 3-meter wall consisting of large LCD multitouch displays that deliver real-time information, based on suggested topics or key words. SKIN™ enables visitors to explore a realm of topics which are presented and contextualized automatically from different data and web repositories. picturesafe will use SKIN to display and provide a deeper insight into its overall product portfolio, in particular picturesafe’s new publishing tool for Facebook, COPYCLICK.


“We have been searching for a partner for semantic curation services for a few years now, and having studied picturesafe’s solutions for quite some time and feel this a ideal time to complement our respective product portfolios to enable richer content management for the media industry,” said Christian Doegl, founder and CEO of uma information technology. “The ability to pinpoint information based on human variables throughout a communication framework is the next challenge for media companies, particularly marketers. Together with picturesafe, we aim to deliver a powerful, integrated solution that facilitates the capture, editing, distribution, archive and monetization of digital content in a tangible way.”


uma SKIN’s semantic content curation engine minimizes the effort for content production, editing and curating. It can be used in corporate or public communication, retail, exhibition and museum scenarios. The semantic content curator engine is able to retrieve and contextualize content from various repositories or the web, including web 2.0 sources. Person-tracking, enables passive interaction of content with visitors. The interaction with the content is on-demand and is personalized through RFID technology. Interactive screen area configurations currently range from 1.2 up to 8.4 Meters @ 29 Megapixels.


“The media industry – particularly in-house marketers and marketing agencies - are now applying greater focus on the lifecycle and efficiency of their off-line and online communication, and placing greater value on the management of their assets. This provides an opportunity for us to deliver a more intelligent and complete version of our product line,” said Herbert Wirth, managing director and CEO of picturesafe. “Together with uma, we envision a semantic asset management system that can react more intelligently, more efficiently and with greater speed than any previous system.”


About uma - separating the signal from the noise


Since its’ founding in 1994, uma has been thinking about new forms of complex knowledge retrieval and spatial user experiences. Within this domain, uma has continuously built its reputation as an innovative leader, demonstrated through various awards and international recognition during the last decade. uma provides end-to-end services for its customers, helping with creative planning as well as the implementation and integration on the basis of Melvil®, a semantic service platform, the SKIN™ and VICO™ Multitouch Solutions and MelvilMediaMood®, a semantic social and analog Media Monitoring Solution.


uma clients include the OTTO Group, Republic of Austria, Siemens, Intel, IBM, Intersport, Deutsche Telekom AG, 3, Verbund AG, Red Bull and L’Oréal.  uma is headquartered in Vienna, Austria.


About picturesafe


picturesafe GmbH, a pioneer in the world of Digital Asset Management, has developed custom software since 1992 and provides their clients with end-to-end solutions. Picturesafe focuses on managing and processing large volumes of digital assets (photos, text, audio and video), search and find functionality and metadata treatment. The products and services of picturesafe shape information and media production processes and effectively increase their productivity and speed of access. picturesafe has its offices in Hannover and Hamburg, Germany. More information can be found at the company web site at www.picturesafe.de.



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