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Cultural heritage and economy in Austria


"Research and its implications on the economy"


a study commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Economy and Labour (BM:WA), section C1⁄10 for Research and Technology.


The study "Cultural heritage and economy in Austria" complements and follows the study "Scientific and cultural heritage in Austria. About the definition, collection, coverage, preservation and availability of scientific sources" commissioned by RFTE and BM:BWK. Its goal is to complete the first study with aspects of economical usage, or at least to review the first study in this respect.


Certain areas of cultural heritage are presented in which economical aspects play an important role. This collection of topics and an illustration of the respective situation should encourage further strategic reflections concerning developments in these areas.


The topics under discussion in "Cultural heritage and economy in Austria" are:


  • Tourism, especially city tourism, worldwide cultural heritage locations, cultural institutions and tourism, development of cultural destinations as well as the concept of culture and cultural tourism
  • Creative industries (CI), especially the importance of the five leading concepts for the CI, CI and cultural heritage, the importance of promotion of CI, CI as a location factor and CI and city
  • Collections, especially calculations of savings through indirect returns, the market potential of usage rights, collection, storage and preservation of archives in cooperation with the economy
  • Research, cooperation and education, especially cultural statistics and research, qualification and education as well as cooperation
  • Restoration and preservation


Our work was based on a variety of specific interviews as well as on interviews from the main study, which were re-used for "Cultural heritage and economy in Austria". In total, there were 74 interviews with 84 interview partners.