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Innovative Austria


innovatives-oesterreich.at is an initiative to raise awareness about the use of innovation, research and technology development. The implementation of this campaign was commissioned to Trimedia Communications Austria GmbH (Trimedia) and uma information technology GmbH (uma). uma was responsible for the conceptual content of the questions, below-the-line measures, networking with other project partners as well as the design and content of the web portal. Trimedia took care of the umbrella brand, classical advertising, media cooperations and media presentations.


The entire campaign was supported by the Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development, and the Austrian Ministries of Education, Science and Culture; Traffic, Innovation and Technology; and Economy and Labour.


Goals of the campaign


  • Raising interest and curiosity
  • Conveying research and innovations in an understandable way
  • Fostering medial coverage of research
  • Establishing more understanding and public support of research and development
  • Encouraging active participation and engagement in and for research


Community portal "Innovative Austria"


In this project, uma and IBM's information technologies and software modules were employed, enabling individually scalable Web 2.0 solutions.


The numerous interactions on this platform account for a sophisticated knowledge management system and a robust technical platform, both provided by the uma and IBM partnership.


IBM provided the IT infrastructure, including hardware, system software, websphere middleware as well as the network infrastructure. The combination of Open Source elements such as Java-based Jroller blog modules, and the e-business platform WebSphere, Websphere Portal and DB2 (IBM), is unique.


uma's deployed knowledge management systems ensure order within the information. The service platform Melvil® makes it possible to translate and structure the entire knowledge base, and to impressively visualise it with the semantic explorer.